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Quality Assurance & Environment Policy

Quality is of vital importance to our company. Since the commencement, we have been constantly striving to offer safe to use and authentic range of chemicals, pesticides, Organic Humic Acid, Liquid Seaweed Extracts etc. We make sure to use high grade ingredients for production of our range. Moreover, we have also appointed expert quality controllers to keep an eye on the on-going processes. They supervise all stages of production as well as check the product samples on the basis of composition, consistency, usage, viscosity, and more.

At Ujjawala Chemical And Fertilizers we emphasize on using natural resources efficiently. All the processes are carried out in a way to minimize impact on the environment. We are following an environment policy that enables us to manage safety, health and environment issues. Regular site audits are done in order to make sure that the workplace is safe for the employees and hazardous waste is properly disposed off.  

Product Range

We are a leading manufacturer, trader and supplier of chemicals, Liquid Seaweed Extracts and other products that are used in the agriculture industry. The offered range is categorized into:

Fertilizers & Bio-Products

Ujjawala Zinc 33 (Zinc Sulphate 33%)

Ujjawala Ferrous (Ferrrouse Sulphate 19%)

Ujjawala Zinc 21(Zinc Sulphate 21%)

Ujjawla Copper (Copper Sulphate 24%)

Ujjawla High Zinc (Micronutrients Mixture)

Ujjawala Zinc EDTA (Zinc EDTA 12%)

Ujjawla Samayukt (Micronutrients Mixture)

Ujjawala Ferrous EDTA (Ferrous EDTA 12%)

Ujjawala Sarvotam (Micronutrients Mixture) Punjab Grade I

Ujjawala Molybdenum (Ammonium Molybdate 52%)

Ujjawala Booster Plus (Micronutrients Mixture Punjab Grade II)

Ujjawala Shakti-G (Bio Extract Complex)

Ujjawala Crop Gold (Micronutrients Mixture Punjab Grade III)

Ujjawla Zoom Flower-G (Nitro Benzene 20% Liquid)

Ujjawla Boron 20 (Boron 20%)

Ujjawla Zoom Flower Plus-L (Nitro Benzene 20%+Amino Acid 5%)

Ujjawala Manganese (Manganese Sulphate 30.5%)

Ujjawala Humic-L (Humic Acid 12%)

Ujjawala Magnesium (Magnesium Sulphate 9.6%)

Ujjawala Humica (Umic Acid 85%)

Ujjawla Special-L (Bio Extract complex Liquid)

Pesticides & Fungicides

Ujjawala Super Dor (Imidaclopride 30.5% SC)

Ujjawla Phose (Monocrotophose 36% SL)

Ujjawala Dor (Imidacloprid 17.8% SL)

Ujjawla Carzeb (Carbendazim 12%+Mancozeb 63% WP)

Ujjawala Cartap 4G (Cartap Hydrocloride 4% G)

Ujjawala Dazim (Carbendazim 50% WP)

Ujjawala Furan (Carbofuran 3% CG)

Ujjawala Sulphur (Sulphur 80% WDG)

Ujjawala Lamda (Lambda Cyhalothrin 5%EC)

Ujjawala Hexa (Hexaconazole 5% EC)

Ujjawla Chlor (Pretilachlor 50% EC)

Ujjawala Acita (Acetamipride 20% SP)

Ujjawala Acephate (Aceghate 75% SP)

Ujjawala Grip (Metsulfuron Methyle 20% WP)

Why Choose Us?

  • No compromise on quality at the cost
  • Environment concerned company
  • Transparent dealing
  • Competitive pricing policy
  • Manufacturing products as per prescribed standards
  • Prompt delivery schedules
  • Matchless supply position
  • Well qualified and experienced team

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